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Are you there Art? It's me, Steven.

For some time now, I've been thinking of starting a blog to document my art, my process, and my life as an artist.  Who knows, perhaps my readers will learn a thing or two.  Or if I'm lucky,perhaps I will learn a thing or two or three.  

January 1st was a big and exciting day for me because I had to install my first solo show!! (Can you hear the excitement in my voice? And Happy New Year!)

My beginning experience of installing the show was a bit disturbing because I noticed my emotions were raw and conflicted.  Once I got everything unpacked and my paintings were on the floor. Negative thoughts started flowing through my head.  

My first thought:
"I have too much wall space, I don't have enough good work to put up.'
then led to; 
"This is going to be horrible!  My work is not good enough to have a solo show!
and finally;

I wrote to a friend about my earlier experience and she said what I experienced was a "loss of confi…

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